Holy Emotions, Gunslingers!


Looking for an entertaining way to help your people grow their emotional intelligence? Don't have a lot of time or money?

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Look no further! Invite your people to the EI Poker Showdown - a crash course on emotional intelligence in which learning and playing go hand in hand.
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The Showdown is a 90-minute 
poker simulation – Texas Hold 'Em 
style – that focuses on teaching 
emotional intelligence concepts. 
Working at the speed of poker, 
participants will have to adapt to 
changing environments and
apply techniques for effectively 
dealing with how the chips are 
falling … without resorting to 
Wild West methods. 

After the showdown

Are you all in?

Call Brooke Shippee and get in the game. 
1.888.579.8635 | 479.587.1100 | brooke.shippee@sviworld.com 

Once all the chips have fallen, the players should be able to:

Apply techniques that increase self-awareness and keep them from losing control.


Pick up on valuable social clues during interactions with others. 

Identify steps to overcome the particular dysfunctions of others. 

Create and sustain healthy relationships with all types of people. 

You get a lot for your chips

You’re probably thinking that something this cool has to cost a fortune. Well, Debbie Downer, turn that frown upside down! You don’t have to pay a huge ante to get in this game. Only $950 gets you everything you need to teach the class, including your participant materials. No catch. Teach it as often as you like, wherever you like. Now that’s a price with big payoff potential. 
The EI Poker Showdown is designed for expert-free facilitation. But, don't worry – we’re always available by phone or email if you have questions. And if you really want to meet us, we can bring in one of our expert facilitators for a small fee.

Peek at the loot

Think you’re being bluffed on how awesome this is? Get a sneak peek at your haul and prepare to be called.